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Well, that's a good-looking fella. If you need to contact me, here we go.


Nedliv is Florian Prietzel

Contact: Nedliv@web.de

Living in Moers, Germany

For the simple reason to be against boredom, the idea of Nedliv arose in 2009.

Today I program video games in my free time (mostly in retro style), create music or dedicate myself to many other forms of creative development.

I also like to visit Anime & Manga conventions, as well as medieval markets and other events around fantastic things. My convention listing is always up to date. Since I am still enjoying meeting new people, I am pleased with all the friends I meet on my way.

Nedliv has become an Internet presence that has prescribed to fight and eliminate boredom. And that's how this principle still works. All the content in this homepage is free and just waiting to be downloaded by you.

Think always full speed ahead!


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